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First ascertain the theme for the party, is it a kids party (note a kids first birthday party may not have toddlers and small kids, perhaps adults may be present, it makes sense have a adults dressed as toddlers or animals such as the tallest man turns to giraffe costume and hippopotamus to the largest member, understated décor using warm lights and fabric can give a great feel to an open air ambience!

Let the guest become a part of the décor. If your guest can afford to be more involving, perhaps try a small skit or play that entertains the main guest, you’re one year old! Such venues do well with a fusion mock tail bar that adds a touch of life to the upcoming warm months…

Top Catering Ideas for an awesome party and its menu Indicators

    More has been insisted on the décor than food and it’s debatable which aspect is more important. But neither can be ignored and go hand in hand. Simple whites to undertone of wooden panels seems to be the flavor of the year, focus lights on greens and large facades are the safest and best way to use what’s around you. Never ignore the corners to make the space look large and far grander that you ever saw your space being lit up to.

    Using white fabric can make any event come to life, yellow lights do better than using multiple hues of color. If you want that rich feel, stick to less colors and more amplification of the pace thru lights and fabric trussing.


    Games can add a touch of fun and entertainment to the little spectator, this also keeps the birthday baby occupied and curious for event. Tip: Kids don’t like loud music and turn cranky with too many guests, remember it’s their day and excessive attention can turn them down.

    Having some entertainment options like zorbing (only before food) can be a lot of fun, only before food, you don’t want kids throwing up at your party

Adult Theme

    Here the possibility is endless, masquerade to poker parties for Diwali, music is always a necessity, but if you’d like a party focusing on food, ensure music is the background, let Mix Studio do its job. Treat the music as soft background to encourage conversations.

How to light the banquet and food

    A décor of minimal lights that cover warm yellow colors would do the best to bring the visual appeal of the food. As for the buffet area, we’d strongly suggest no colored lights at all, unless you want the food to look alien and perhaps inedible. Using spot focus light, warm incandescent or LED spots are the best and safest, this is what we use for professionally shot images across the website.

    Long drapery next to food due to safety concerns should be avoided. Aromatic candles on dinner tables should be totally avoided they conflict with flavor profiles and gastronomy principles and human sensory motors that build appetite. This is a no-no in all forms, let the aroma of food do it’s magic.

Under lighting Areas

    Some food areas can use under-light effects that amplify food, these can be cold food displays like Anti Pasto sections or savories and assorted breads etc.

    Having fusion Indian dips and cream cheese never go wrong, especially when interesting conversations are a part of the event, having plate-full of foods keeps the focus on the plate, makes handling the plate a messy affair.

Tray pass appetizers

    Ensure all appetizers are tray passed and most importantly bite sized and accompanied with a food picking tools like tooth picks or can be handled with a napkin, this again is the best and the most practical idea a caterer can offer to enable warm food circulates. Usually a good number of waiters are in the ratio of 1 waiter to 7 guests, this ensures food is circulated well and consumed more, people tend to eat less than half if waiters are less or its placed in a designated area. Hence pricing of catering is a function of these numbers and the difference between the average and best in full service catering.

    Things like pizzas, mini Tacos, Sushi make for great bites for tray pass, do not leave baked produces behind, cheese onion quiche, filo pastry. But they all need to be a bite of two. We like to incorporate subtle flavors with bold undertones of relish etc. The side accompaniment is equally as important, relishes like pesto hummus, black beans add that zing which does well with a cocktail bar. My personal favorite is an Avocado quiche with Mango salsa and a great chicken or Malai tikka does great for any catering service in Bhopal

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