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Kalash Caterers & Wedding Planner is a company, which offers exceptional planning solutions to organise a memorable and spectacular wedding. It offers unique and distinctive designs and styles, with great expertise to showcase your event in the most lavish and stylish manner.we follows the motto, "Make your Event Memorable". They aim to bring professional Planner solutions with customised touches to create a one-of-a-kind wedding experience for you. Their professionals are experts in various fields.


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Kalash Caterers and Wedding Planners is a boutique wedding planning and consultancy based in Bhopal providing contemporary elegant bespoke wedding design and management services. We bring a fresh perspective and innovative approach to wedding design, event planning & management, merged with traditional wedding planning and etiquette. So Hurry Up! Call Us Today!

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Whether you are a wedding planner or have a wedding in the family, you understand how difficult it is to manage the 100s of tasks, guest lists, invitations, gifts, cards, arrivals & departures, hotels and cars! Excels are clumsy and diaries are unmanageable. Difficult to update and never in sync. Check out the exclusive price offer for professional wedding planners. Stylish and unique light designing changes the look of the wedding by making it grand and special one.

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